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Wx Panel - Mode Selector

Let us look at the detailed explanation of the Wx panel

Mode Select Switch

There are total 4 modes of Wx operation

  1. Wx

  2. Wx + T

  3. TURB

  4. MAP


This mode corresponds to the normal operation in weather detection up to a range of 320 NM.

The radar images are displayed on the NDs and are in four colors (black, green, yellow, red) and their intensity corresponds to the strength of the return signal.


This mode corresponds to the operation in weather and turbulence detections.

All turbulent/non turbulent areas beyond 50 NM are displayed in the conventional black, green, yellow and red as in the WX.


This mode corresponds to the operation in turbulence detection.

Turbulence detection is limited to the first 50 NM regardless of the WXR range selected and displayed.

The turbulence area displayed on the NDs is in magenta.


This mode is only used for display of the ground map e.g, identification of a sea cost, a lake, a mountain, an island, etc.

The colour display follows the colour shown below

If the image is too bright due to great reflection intensity, it can be dimmed the gain knob.

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